Located in the heart of the city of Funchal, capital of Madeira Island, we are privileged to be close to all the surrounding city atmosphere, full of magic and perfect for a revitalizing and fun vacation. Come visit us and enjoy all the attractions that surround Hotel Madeira, taking advantage of this location not only to explore the city but also to explore the whole island.


Our events not only take place all year round, they are experienced with great intensity and Hotel Madeira is here to experience them more closely. We are neighbors to all the festivities in the island city, and less than 100 meters away you will find celebrations such as the authentic Flower Festival, where families gather to celebrate spring with a memorable parade representing all the abundance and variety of flower species. Feel the magic of Christmas right at our doorstep with all the decorations and Christmas market with traditional delicacies. And New Year’s Eve, considered one of the most beautiful and lively celebrations in this iconic city, which features one of the best pyrotechnic shows in the world.

Hotel Madeira
Hotel Madeira

Gardens and Parks

Madeira Island is home to a great variety of flora and fauna and right in front of our hotel you can enjoy this harmony by walking to the Municipal Garden of Funchal (50 m), a must-see place for any visitor. Here you will find a great variety of exotic species of plants, flowers and one of the oldest trees of the island, some of them with hundreds of years and a lot of history. A few meters away you can also be dazzled by the Santa Catarina park, where you can enjoy a large lawn to relax surrounded by tree species from all over the world and a pond for resting birds and a breathtaking view over the city bay.


A charming city, which combines culture, history and tradition with centuries-old monuments with well-demarcated architectural styles from Manueline to Gothic, as is the case of the Cathedral of Funchal. Our privileged location also allows you to explore museums of various regional and world heritage interests from religion to art, and the allegorical Baltazar theater with beautiful plays during the week. To delight your taste, on the outskirts of the old town, visit the unmissable farmers market with a variety of exotic island fruits.

Hotel Madeira