Welcome to the Island Jewels Loyalty Club

At Hotel Madeira and Madeira Gems Apartments, we believe in rewarding our guests for their loyalty and support. That’s why we’ve created the Island Jewels Loyalty Club, a program designed to offer you exclusive benefits and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a new visitor or a returning guest, our loyalty club has something special for everyone.

Program Overview

The Island Jewels Loyalty Club is structured into four distinct levels, each offering progressively greater rewards and perks. As you stay more often, you’ll ascend through the levels and unlock a treasure trove of benefits designed to enhance your stay with us.

Levels and Benefits

Club Signup - Hotel Madeira

Topaz Level (Level 1)

Amethyst Level (Level 2)

Criteria:Achieve this level after 3-5 visits or 10-15 nights stayed.


Club Signup - Hotel Madeira
Club Signup - Hotel Madeira

Ruby Level (Level 3)

Criteria: Attain this level with more than 6 visits or over 15 nights stayed.


Emerald Level (VIP Level 4)

Criteria: This invite-only level is reserved for guests with exceptional loyalty, influence, or revenue generation.


Club Signup - Hotel Madeira

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Becoming a member of the Island Jewels Loyalty Club is simple and rewarding. Start by registering with us and enjoy your first discount immediately. As you continue to stay with us, you’ll unlock higher levels of benefits, making each visit even more enjoyable. At Hotel Madeira and Madeira Gems Apartments, we are committed to providing exceptional service and memorable experiences. The Island Jewels Loyalty Club is our way of thanking you for being a valued guest. Join today and start enjoying the exclusive rewards you deserve!
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